Xbox One Will Not Be The Final Microsoft Console

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft may be pushing the Xbox One's cloud-gaming powers heavily in its fight against Sony's PlayStation 4. But, according to at least one Microsoft executive, local console hardware will still be necessary for some time to come.

Head of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer addressed the console-less scenario on Twitter yesterday, revealing when questioned that local computing hardware is still very important to the company:


But even if an Xbox "Two" console does rear its head,  game streaming services will undoubtedly feature heavily, and influence the minimum required power of the local hardware -- Sony's PlayStation Now is testing the waters during this generation, using Gaikai tech to deliver last-gen games over the web, whilst Valve is rumoured to be testing game streaming technologies to eventually work alongside its Steam Machines.

Microsoft has, at least in theory, been partial to the idea of a gaming future where physical media is completely unnecessary too -- until very late on in the design process it had considered leaving a disc drive out of the Xbox One altogether. [IGN]