You Can Now Get Band Merchandise Through Spotify Too

By Gerald Lynch on at

Whether they're getting paid enough for their streaming rights or not through Spotify, one irrefutably worthy revenue stream for bands and artists these days is "the merch". Posters, badges, t-shirts and mugs; the returns here are often far greater than royalties. And now, Spotify will help musicians promote merchandise too. And for free!

Spotify has partnered with Topspin to put together the service, promoting the gear using Topspin's ArtistLinks tool. This allows bands to post an image of the item along with a title, description and URL (to a retailer of their choice) into their Spotify feeds for followers. Three items can be listed at a time, and neither Spotify nor Topspin take any commission or fees for providing the service.

Each will be moderated by Spotify to ensure it's a genuine merchandise listing, and hopefully prevent the service from becoming a spam-infested abuse of your friends and followers feed. [Spotify]