You Don't Always Need to Be More Precise Than Everyone Else

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Whether it's a comment thread on a blog or a conversation in a bar, we're all guilty of interjecting with our own, more precise, more accurate take on pretty much any topic. But maybe we should all quit that habit, every now and then.

Like Randall Munroe explains in the mouse over of today's XKCD:

"Protip: You can win every exchange just by being one level more precise than whoever talked last. Eventually, you'll defeat all conversational opponents and stand alone."

Alone. And lonely. Because vomiting out facts and picking holes in what other people say might make you feel smart, but not everyone appreciates it all the time. Just occasionally, might it not be more fun to let conversation wash over you without adding your sage point to the mix? [XKCD]