A Crazy Man Dressed as an iPhone Has Begun the iPhone 6 Queuing Madness

By Gerald Lynch on at

When it comes to Apple fanboyism, there's no greater kudos than being the first in line to buy the latest iPhone model. But when you're queuing up for a phone that's not even been announced yet, and may have a good six months or so before it's even revealed publicly, you may need to seek help. Especially if you're dressed as an iPhone, too.

Japanese Apple fanatic and blogger Yoppy knows the potential value in being first in line, what with the media attention piled onto a new iPhone's first buyer. So, inspired by his failure to be first to nab an iPhone 5S, he pulled on his iPhone cosplay costume and headed down to the Apple Store in Ginza Tokyo, armed with a sign saying "the iPhone 6 line starts here".

But even the most committed of Apple fans needs to eat and sleep. After failing to secure any juicy release info from the on-hand staff, and coming woefully under-equipped for a months-long stay, a dispirited Yoppy took up his sign and began his sad walk home. He may not have bagged the phone, but he did secure some publicity, while a gambling man may want to take the odds on him being the first to eventually take home an iPhone 6 -- whenever that may be. [Yoppy, CNET, RocketNews 24]