A Google Maps Pin May be the Geekiest Mural Ever

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The Google Maps pin is iconic: bold and simple, yet incredibly memorable. And emblazoned on the side of a Danish building in twinkling metallic form, it certainly lets you know you have found the right location.

Called Pin (55° 51′ 42″ N ; 9° 50′ 47″ E)—see what they did there?—it is part of the Public Art exhibition currently running in the city of Horsens in Denmark. The shimmering pin, created by the Denmark-based duo of ÖRNDUVALD, is made up of 10,078 small circular discs that are mounted to plywood. As the wind blows, the discs gently flutter in the breeze, reflecting light in all directions. [ÖRNDUVALD via Design Milk]