A Tiny HD DLP Chip Could Finally Put a Projector in Your Phone

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Texas Instruments might have found a way to convince handset makers to include a minuscule projector into forthcoming devices with its new 0.3-inch HD DLP Pico chipset.

Concerns over battery life aside, the real reason your smartphone doesn't have a built-in projector yet is because it would add too much thickness to the device. Shaving millimetres helps add to a smartphone's appeal, so this could be the bargaining chip that phone manufacturers need to consider the tech.

DLP chips use an array of microscopically small mirrors that each move independently to reflect red, green, or blue light and produce an image. And Texas Instruments has managed to squeeze twice as many of those mirrors onto this tiny chip to produce a 1280x720 HD image with twice the brightness of its predecessors.

This new chipset also happens to use around 50 per cent less power than previous versions. So squeezing one into a smartphone or tablet is even more plausible now given you won't be trading off as much in terms of added bulk or reduced battery life. [Texas Instruments via Engadget]