Add Camel Milk to Your Coffee for a Healthier, Mildly-Unsettling Drink

By Gary Cutlack on at

A coffee chain has come up with a novel way of raising money to help charities in Africa, with select branches of Taylor St Baristas now offering the option of camel milk in your coffee or tea in return for a £1 donation. Try it, it's good for you, they say. Just don't think about camels and their loose, slobbery, hairy mouths while drinking it.

According to whoever's in charge of the coffee chain's social media accounts the camel milk adds a "sort of savoury" taste to the coffee, with the lower fat and sugar content allowing more of the taste of the underlying beans to filter out.

And there are health benefits too, as camel milk apparently has half the fat of cow's milk, more vitamin C and a wider range of healthy fatty acids. It's available here outside of the charity coffee world too, imported and sold under the Camelicious brand, should you fancy glugging some down neat. [Metro]

Image credit: Camels from Shutterstock