An Interactive Map of What America's Spies are Worried About

By Adam Clark Estes on at

With eight months of freaking out over the fact that that the NSA is spying on everyone all the time, you can't help but wonder: What are they really worried about?

Well, Defense One just made it easy for you with this interactive map of what America's spies are really worried about. It's very simple—just a Google Map of the world with pins dropped on all of the countries that represent national security concerns. But it's not just terrorism that their intelligence agencies are bothered by; it's everything from economic instability in central Africa and homicide rates in Honduras to riots in the streets of Ukraine and secret Iranian efforts to supply weapons to Palestinian groups. Did you know that Azerbaijan is almost ready to blow?

After clicking around for a few minutes, you'll realise that America's spies are an anxious bunch. Maybe a little too anxious sometimes. But it's their job to be anxious so you don't have to. [Defense One]


Lead image: From Rear Window, dir. Alfred Hitchcock