An Xbox One Adapter for Your Old Headsets Will Go on Sale in March

By Adam Scott on at

If you'd just bought a new fancy-pants headset with which to smack-talk your friends over Xbox Live ahead of the Xbox One reveal, you'd have been pretty annoyed to to see that the next-gen console's controller would not support older audio gear. Good to its word though, Microsoft is preparing to launch an adapter that bridges the gap between the two generation's audio accessories.

The adapter, shipping in early March for £19.99, will let you adjust audio levels, mute players and your own microphone with dedicated buttons, which will sit between the two thumbsticks when plugged in. While a £20 layout is still a bit steep, it's a fair sight cheaper than having to buy a whole new headset, especially when the most luxurious cans can cost upwards of £150. It'll still be worth checking if the adapter is compatible with your individual headset ahead of purchase, though.

If you haven't got a stereo headset, and aren't happy with the mono one that comes packaged with the Xbox One, Microsoft will also be selling its own stereo headset for £59.99. Its cans cover the 20Hz - 20kHz spectrum, and comes with a unidirectional microphone for picking up all your post-death tuts and curses.