Andy Sewell's Hampstead Heath Photos Capture All of the Beauty and None of the Dogging

By Gerald Lynch on at

Hampstead Heath -- beautiful by day, a bit grim by night. It's one of the UK's most notorious dogging hotspots, but its 790 acres are as close to the feel of the countryside as you can find in London. Andy Sewell's The Heath photo collection book captures that perfectly.

I go to the Heath to be somewhere that feels natural, yet I know this is no pathless wood. The Heath is as managed as any other part of London but managed to feel wild.
In a way this project is about perceptions of what is natural, but it’s also an attempt to explore what EO Wilson called the human condition of “Biophilia”, being drawn to somewhere that feels natural without knowing why.

Selling like hotcakes, the beautiful collection has sold out of its  original £45 stock (though the photographer suggests checking out Photo-eye, RRB Photobooks, Donlon Books,, or Daunt Books for a few remaining copies in the wild), while Sewell will be selling off the final copies in his own collection for £180 a piece. [Andy Sewell via It's Nice That]