Apple's "iPen" Patent Sounds Like a Stylus Fit for Inspector Gadget

By Gerald Lynch on at

Is there a truly excellent tablet stylus out there? Aside from the JaJa, there's nothing that's come close to replicating the feel of pen and paper, by my reckoning. That doesn't seem a concern for Apple -- if a newly-unearthed patent is anything to go by, writing with any eventual "iPen" would take a back seat.

It describes a stylus with modular add-ons, letting users customise its functions based on their needs.  And the range of proposed modules is quite wide -- everything from dictaphones to laser pointers, a camera-come-scanner and even a projector.

Rechargeable, it would also support gyroscope and accelerometer motion controls, which would likely prove useful for those looking to flashily wave through slides in a corporate presentation. As with all patents, there's no suggestion that Apple is actively looking into producing the product, but it is certainly exploring its potential -- if rumours of a larger iPad Pro prove true, an iPen would be a useful accessory. [Patently Apple]

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