In Pictures: Powerful Space Storm Treats UK to Special Aurora Show

By Gary Cutlack on at

A combination of a rare high geomagnetic activity level and cloud-free night skies treated many parts of the UK to a superb aurora demonstration last night, as the greenish skies were seen as far south as Norfolk and the Isle of Man. Here are some of the finest photos snapped from sky-afire UK.


The BBC was on the case, with its late-night social media worker alerting the nation that it might be a good idea to go outside, especially if somewhere a bit northern. [BBCBreaking]



While the aurora is often visible in Scotland and parts of the north, it's rare that it's so easily viewable from down south. Especially not as far as Norfolk. [Chris Bell]



From the Isle of Man, where the only colours in the sky they usually see are from the flames of the fires they light to burn outsiders. [Peter Christian]



From Angelsey, where the only colours in the sky they usually see are from... etc etc. [Adi Kingsley-Hughes]



Hope you didn't spend last night in bed crying a bit while scrolling though people being angry with each other on Twitter. [Stephen Thomson]



An amazing shot from GallowayAstro, who's cheating a bit by being in Scotland and using a proper camera. [GallowayAstro]



We think the idea is you need a tripod and a long exposure setting to get a decent shot. Ask David how it's done. [David West]



Obviously those with access to the clear skies of SPACE won the day, though. [Roddy MacKay]