BBC Trust Stresses Over YouView Subscriptions and Sky Channel Listing Fees

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's core concept of providing free-to-air TV is being eroded by platforms like YouView, with the BBC Trust concerned that commercial companies are using the BBC's content as a way of convincing viewers to take out subscriptions.

Warning that "nearly all YouView 'sales' have been of subsidised equipment offered by sponsoring internet service providers," the BBC Trust is worried specifically that YouView and the BBC's key partners BT and TalkTalk are using its channels to strengthen their own pay TV portfolios.

The Trust also raises the thorny issue of the BBC paying around £9m a year to have its channels listed in the Sky and Freesat EPGs, adding to the £233m total amount the BBC spends on distributing its material -- around 6.5 per cent of its total annual budget. [Guardian via Techradar]