Can a Music Industry Simulator Shame People into Quitting Piracy?

By Gary Cutlack on at

That's the idea behind Music Inc, a new game funded by UK Music and the Intellectual Property Office. The idea is you manage an upcoming band or artist, then watch as their hopes and dreams are smashed by relentless internet piracy of their work. Will it shame anyone into pausing their torrents to think?

The app, developed by Aardman Animations, wants to teach players about the struggles musicians face when seeing their work whacked up for free on the internet. But that's only part of it, with players also managing their artist's appearance and song rota, before it gets to the tricky balancing-the-books, moralising-about-theft part of the deal.

If you think you might empathise with the lives of the attractive and talented, Music Inc is on Android here and iOS somewhere. Should be out on iTunes today too. [IPO via BBC]