Do You Have One of These Original Star Wars Toys Worth £7000?

By Gerald Lynch on at

In need of a few quid? It might be worth climbing into the attic and dusting off your old Star Wars toys, as a recent auction has seen certain figures valued at a few tens of pounds sell for several thousand.

A nearly mint-condition FX-7 medical droid from The Empire Strikes Back movie had been valued at just £50 for a recent Teeside auction, but went on to sell for £7,000. Likewise, an Imperial Commander figure with similarly low estimates "broke world records" by selling for £3,000 -- and still had its original £1.50 price sticker attached. These surprises were in addition to a £4,200 sale of a near mint Luke Skywalker and a £2,100 Darth Vader. Each sold had the Palitoy packaging card, which is exceptionally rare.

The most valuable of all original Star Wars toys is the 1978 Darth Vader figure with telescoping lightsaber -- specifically the one whose blade is split into a thicker base and thinner second half. Only a few hundred were thought to have been made. It's provisionally valued at around the £3,600 mark, but as these recent sales show, any eventual sale price could be many times higher. [BBC]