This Man's £10K Mud Fortress Can't Defend His Home from Flooding

By Gerald Lynch on at

Even the best-laid plans are being dashed by the flooding affecting large swathes of the south-west of Britain at the moment. If this man's £10,000, JCB-built mud walls can't stop his home from being overwhelmed, what chance do those making do with sandbags have?

Sam Notaro from the village of Moorland in Somerset has called in friends and family to help him build a series of mud walls around his £1 million new build home, going so far as to create a five foot dyke around the perimeter of his property in the hope of slowing the flooding onslaught. However, despite staying behind to protect his home while the rest of the area was evacuated, it seems even Notaro's valiant efforts have been in vain. Reports are now coming in that the island fortress is flooded too.

Notaro is not alone in his struggle. Check out this collection of other areas hit by this year's flooding woes. [ITN YouTube]