Flabby Coppers are Failing Compulsory Fitness Tests

By Gary Cutlack on at

Freedom of Information requests have unearthed some poor fitness levels among certain police forces, with 363 officers across 27 UK forces failing to puff their way through their new compulsory fitness exams.

The tests require cops to run between two lines placed 15 metres apart, in a shuttle test of endurance. There's no harm in failing one test, but fail repeatedly and cops may find themselves in trouble from September, when penalties will be put into place.

Police staff aren't overly happy about being forced to jog on, suggesting that the tests are unfair on those who've been injured in the course of duty, or just happen to be a bit older than the rest. It also appears to impact of women cops more, with 70 per cent of the 363 failures coming from female officers. [BBC]

Image credit: UK police from Shutterstock