Forget Bendy Phones, Samsung May be Lining Up a Flexible Tablet for MWC

By Gerald Lynch on at

Curved TVs, bendy phones -- get ready to add flexible tablets to the list of tech staples doing away with slate-like designs. A fresh rumour surrounding Samsung's MWC showing suggests it is planning to reveal a tablet that can be bent at a right angle.

Chinese news site etnews is calling the tablet the "Ben Double Tablet PC", noting the many patents the company has filed for flexible displays. While the report offers scant few details, Samsung isn't shy of playing with flexible screens, from the curved Samsung Galaxy Round through to its IMAX-like high-end TVs. If only for the sake of claiming another "world's first" headline, it's not too much of a jump to imagine Samsung putting such a tablet together. Here's hoping it hasn't just popped an unsightly hinge down the middle then. [etnews via TechRadar]