French Woman to Marry Boyfriend...Who Died Two Years Ago

By Gerald Lynch on at

Romantics may claim that love never dies, but even the most syrupy of lovehearts will find this one a little bit creepy. A grieving French lady has requested that President Francois Hollande gives her permission to marry her deceased boyfriend, and the saucy leader has said yes.

The lady (known only as Pascale) lost her fiance Michel to a heart attack two years ago (just a month before their original wedding was to take place), and has since pleaded with the President for permission to marry the deceased man under an obscure French law Drawn up in 1959, it allowed for posthumous marriages following the bursting of a dam which killed 420 people in southern France. Pascale wouldn't be the first to marry thanks to the law, with roughly 300 marriages that would otherwise have been separated by the afterlife taking place.

"Although he is gone, he is still my man," Pascale said in an interview on French TV. "I wrote to the president with all my heart, I went beyond just simple words and it was accepted. I will become his wife and I will carry his name."

Pascale and Michel, who were together for seven years prior to his death, will "marry" in a private ceremony in St Omer later this year. A picture will represent Michel, while Pascale would require a full legal divorce were she later to wish to marry a living man. [Express]

Image Credit: Ghost - Paramount