Friday's Tube Revenue Strike Will Open the Floodgates for Fare Evaders

By Gerald Lynch on at

While this week's 48-hour London Underground walkout may be grabbing all the headlines, there's also another kind of tube strike happening this Friday and next Monday, one that will make it easier than ever to bunk a fare.

On the 7th and 10th of February, tube staff will stage a "revenue strike": All Oyster card and ticket gates will be left open, tickets won't be sold from manned kiosks and ticket machines will be shut down. RMT union members won't be issuing fines either, according to a leaflet they've distributed ahead of the industrial action.

Now, we would never encourage someone to skip out on paying their journey's fare -- that's the sort of thing that pushes up ticket prices for everyone. And even if you were to consider it, there's a good chance that Transport for London has asked the returning Olympic Ambassadors (who will be filling the staffing gaps during the strike) to act as ticket inspectors in the absence of the regular ones. Oyster readers will still be working, so make sure to tap in as usual to be safe. Still, it's another embarrassing turn for TfL in what's been a week of travel chaos. [Londonist via Twitter]

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