Galaxy S5: A Dull Dull Phone, But What Would You Have Liked Samsung to Launch?

By Kat Hannaford on at

Judging by the mood in the Giz comments and on Twitter, everyone's pretty underwhelmed by the Samsung Galaxy S5. A fingerprint sensor was hardly worth sitting up for when Apple added it to the iPhone 5S, but given Samsung's made a real name for itself with hundreds of (often very innovative) features in its Galaxy line-up, the full roll-call of tonight's specs has seen spectators gagging for more. But for what, exactly?

I would've really loved to see Samsung push the boat out when it comes to the actual hardware -- HTC has shown in the past year it's still possible to add finesse among the various black plastic slabs on the market, and even Sony, king of the plastic slabs, has become a dab hand with super-svelte glossy phones that match its bezel-less Bravia TV range. After being criticised last year for rolling out yet another Tupperware-like phone, it would've been great for Samsung to have taken us all by surprise with a more high end-looking device -- especially after all the leaks it's seen.

So what would it have taken for you to be applauding wildly in Samsung's direction? Tell us below.