GCHQ Harvested IP Addresses of Wikileaks Visitors in Real-Time

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our GCHQ security service has been caught boasting about its spying expertise again, with files revealing that in 2012 it had the ability to monitor access to Wikileaks in real-time and pull in potentially identifying IP address data from visitors -- and the search terms used to find the site.

The latest batch of security shame comes via new leaks from the the Edward Snowden USB Stick of Secrets published on The Intercept, that also claim the NSA discussed how it could get Wikileaks designated as a "malicious foreign actor," a move that would open up official monitoring avenues. It would have classified Wikileaks alongside Al Quaeda on the Global Evil scale.

Julian's not happy, posting a statement from his Ecuadorian bedsit, saying: "We call on the Obama administration to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the extent of the NSA’s criminal activity against the media including WikiLeaks and its extended network."

And yes, GCHQ has another awesome codename for the spying tools, with the Wikileaks IP monitoring being carried out by the ANTICRISIS GIRL system. [Wikileaks via Engadget]