Google Reminds Glass Users Not to be Complete Weirdos

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google appears to be trying to wash its hands of the potential for misuse of its Google Glass attention lenses, with the tech giant publishing a list of Dos and Don'ts covering the device. It even uses the word "glasshole" in the list, so that's officially canon now.

The Glass user guide obviously starts out with the positive things the marketing team would like to get across, listed under the Dos category. These include asking users to ask for permission before taking their photo, locking the screen if left unattended, and various suggestions for way you could use Glass to make your shiny media butterfly life a bit easier. It's almost as if Google's trying to convince itself there's a valid reason for the thing to exist.

Even the Dos list isn't overly positive, though, warning early adopters that: "Standing alone in the corner of a room staring at people while recording them through Glass is not going to win you any friends." Which is a shame, as it's going to be doing that a lot more often than it'll be used to capture images of the wearer skydiving or white-water kayaking.

Even more amusing and self-deprecating is the Don'ts list, which tells users to switch them off in places where phones aren't allowed, demonstrate how Glass works to simple folk who might be afraid you're taking away their souls by secretly photographing them, and asks users not to "rock" (idiot speak for "wear") Glass while doing sports, lest you end up with your wearable camera mashed in your eye. [Google]