How Does the Galaxy S5 Stack Up to the Competition?

By Chris Mills on at

After months of speculation, blurry photos and shoddy renders, Samsung's finally unpacked its new flagship, the Galaxy S5. Fingerprint sensors and heartbeat sensors galore are packed into the poor thing, but the real question is, does it have the specs to keep up with the Joneses?


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In most areas, the Galaxy S5 is holding up well -- one of the biggest screens, at 5.1 whopping, finger-stretching inches, and certainly one of the most impressive-sounding processors, a 2.5GHz Snapdragon number that's probably faster than most people's laptops.

The greatest challenge certainly comes in the form of Sony's new Xperia Z: more RAM, at 3GB, a slightly bigger screen and 4K video capture aren't to be taken lightly. The real question, of course, is whether or not those numbers will translate to the real world, or if it's just a who's-got-the-biggest-RAM pissing content.