How Much Do You Wish This "Meat Tent" Was Actually Made of Meat?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Probably not very much at all, actually, but that doesn't make Andrea Hasler's latest work, Embrace the Base, any less fascinating.

In it, the London-based, Zurich-born artist explores the tension between beauty and disgust, inspired by the Greenham Common anti-nuclear protests of the 1980s. The fleshy tents Hasler has created are reminiscent of the Greenham Common protestors' shelters, though their pink-wax finish gives them a stomach-turning resemblance to human innards. With the insides of a larger tent seeming to spill out onto the floor, while a smaller tent remains resolutely closed, Hasler seems to be exploring the lengths one generation should be prepared to go to in order to defend the next.

The Embrace the Base exhibition is on at the Corn Exchange Newbury until April 11th. Check out Hasler's own video series exploring the sculptures in the videos below. [Andrea Hasler via The Verge]