HTC's "Stylish" Smartwatch Will be Ready by the End of 2014

By Gary Cutlack on at

You'd think struggling smartphone maker HTC would have better things to blow its R&D money on than another smartwatch no one's going to be the slightest bit interested in, but no. It's pushing on with its plans and should have one or more wearables ready by Christmas.

The news comes via HTC's chairwoman Cher Wang, who told Cnet that: "It's natural for us to have wearables because we're a design company." She also claimed HTC's smartwatch would hopefully be a little more stylish than the bulky jobs offered by its competition, selling on a combination of looks, features and with offering a decent battery life also one of the key ambitions.

And she had a "one more thing" too -- HTC may finally be ready to return to the tablet world this year, having finally cleared out its warehouses of all the unsold stock of HTC Flyers. [Cnet]