HTC US Offers Free Screen Replacement and Promises "Two Years" of Android Updates

By Gary Cutlack on at

HTC's American division has announced a new thing we're quite jealous of, but it's not a phone. It's a sort of aftercare promise, with the HTC Advantage scheme offering free screen repairs to buyers should a lovely new telephone get dropped. Because of course Americans are the only butter-fingered people in the world, right? No?

Initially covering the One series of phones -- the HTC One, HTC One Mini and HTC One Max -- the scheme is a two-pronged software and hardware promise, with the hardware side covered by a one-time free screen replacement if you manage to break it within the first six months of ownership. That's nice.

On the software side of things, HTC says it wants to "...lead the industry in Android update delivery," by promising at least a two-year shelf life and ensuring all "major" Android OS upgrades hit its phones quickly. HTC will also continue to offer two years of Google Drive storage for between 25GB and 50GB of cloud backup space. [HTC]