HTC's Peter Chou in Bizarre Hunt for Hot Spanish Motorbike Dude

By Gary Cutlack on at

HTC's CEO Peter Chou has a funny story for you. He got stuck in traffic during Mobile World Congress, on his way to an important meeting. A passing motorcyclist rescued him from his taxi hell and whisked him to his destination. Peter wants to hook up with this man again and shower him with free stuff.

Here's a snippet from HTC's suspiciously verbose retelling of the Spanish bike incident:

Peter Chou realized this was definitely not the day of his life (even though it had just started). Or maybe it was, because just at that precise moment, a timely motorcyclist passed by the cab, gaining meters over the trapped cars. Without thinking twice, Peter Chou told the cab driver to honk at the motorcyclist and he got out of the car and asked the biker to do him the enormous favour of taking him to Fira Barcelona.

It's a great story, so let's hope it's not a stunt. Reasons it may be a stunt include: Does Peter Chou speak Spanish? How did he communicate his meeting needs to the biker? Why's HTC hashtagging this?

The post from HTC says the biker was a "good-looking man" so maybe Peter has a bit of unfinished business there and is buying new underpants in preparation for MWC 2015? [HTC]