Human Wee Could be the Future of Plant Growing

By Gary Cutlack on at

According to stats released by the eco-gardeners at the Rich Earth Institute, a large proportion of the energy used to treat waste water is blown on neutralising the nitrogen and phosphorous in human urine -- which happen to be two great nutrients for plant life. If only there was a way to collect wee and use it to fertilise crops without everyone getting so weirded out by it.

The RIE is currently collecting wee from its neighbours, pasteurising it to make it safe, they spraying it on grass in its own miniature form of crop trials. And although it sounds a bit odd, there's a double win in doing so -- less energy is consumed by processing and you get effectively free fertiliser.

Chris Peot, a manager from a local US water treatment plant, is on message, suggesting a future in which the masses of male wee produced by blokes congregating at sporting events could be separated, diverted from the standard sewage treatment pipes, then collected and used on plants.

Would you buy a bag of piss lettuce? [National Geographic]

Image credit: RIE