Inside London's World War II Bunker Turned Massive Underground Farm

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on at

Last week, we wrote about a project in London that sounds straight up apocalyptic: A massive underground farm inside a 60-year-old bunker, originally built to protect Londoners from Nazi bombs. Now, we have video—and it's every bit as spooky as you'd think.

The entrepreneurs behind the project, Zero Carbon Food, uploaded a number of videos to their YouTube channel over the past few weeks. Their pitch gives us a glimpse inside the real, completed farm, cloaked in a magenta LED haze:

But what's really cool? The earlier tour of the prototype farm, shot on a handheld camera as the cameraman descends from street level through a succession of rotting doors and dank chambers, towards an aura of red light where—against all odds—food is growing:

In the 1940s, this bunker protected thousands of Londoners. Seventy years later, it's going to feed them. [YouTube]