Intel Outs 64-bit Mobile Processor and Graphs to Prove its Power

By Gary Cutlack on at

If we believe the evidence provided by Intel's own in-house benchmarking, the chip-maker's forthcoming dual-core Merrifield Atom series is going to be the one to have inside your glossy rectangle in Q3 of 2014 -- managing to outperform Apple's A7 64-bit brain.

The benchmarks give the Intel silicon a lead across the board, supposedly beating Apple's newest mobile chipset in FPS tests and a general measure of web performance, also nearly doubling the web power of the famed Snapdragon 800 range. Which looks great on paper. Problem is, the A7 and 800 are out there now, in phones, whereas Intel's newest 22nm chips only exist in a lab. [Engadget]