Is a Wooden PS4 Cover Tasteful or Tacky?

By Gerald Lynch on at

When Sony was designing its futuristic next-gen PlayStation 4 console, it probably had Tron in mind, not the Wooden Tops. But if a slick black box doesn't sit well in your pine TV cabinet, maybe this wooden PS4 cover will suit your decor more seamlessly?

Made by Balolo and costing £123, each .7mm wooden cover panel is applied separately using a peel-off adhesive layer, meaning no tools are needed to give your console that rustic look. Four different wood types are on offer (bamboo, cherry, walnut and a striped "zebra" combination), and can be ordered as two-tone mix-and-match covers.

What this does for the console's heat dispersal is unclear. But with the cover on, heck, that's the console of a carpenter. [Balolo]