Is This Samsung’s First Windows Phone 8.1 Handset?

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Nokia may be readying its own Android phone, but it also looks like Samsung could be working on its own Windows Phone 8.1 device, too—at least if this Evleaks post is to be believed.

This image depicts what's reported to be a Samsung device known as Huron, powered by Windows Phone 8.1. The device looks an awful lot like the Galaxy S3 and S4. With a simple home button—not quite fitting with some rumours which suggest Windows Phone 8.1 handsets may favour on-screen buttons—there's little to go on in terms of hardware specifications, other than that it will likely feature a 5-inch or 4.3-inch 1080p display.

If, indeed, it's real. As for the smattering of Verizon branding, it suggests Samsung are at least testing out the US market. But those hoping for a UK release shouldn't lose hope -- if it all turns out true it's unlikely Samsung would make as significant a step as to begin development of a Windows Phone 8.1 handset without considering the UK too. [Evleaks via The Verge]