It Looks Like Three UK's Free 4G Roll-Out is Now in Full-Swing

By Gerald Lynch on at

We're getting reports coming in that Three UK's long-awaited "free" 4G service is now beginning to reach customers en-masse. Seemingly being introduced in batches, the majority of newly-4G-enabled customers appear to be coming from Central London areas, with download speeds as fast as 40Mb/s being reported.

We've reached out to Three UK for confirmation on the report, and will update this post with any further info it shares. Indeed, the network's roll-out began back in December (with 1.5 million activations promised by February), but this seems to be the first significant number of 4G activations across the customer base so far. If you're a Three customer, and have noticed improved speeds, feel free to share your findings.

Thanks for the tip, Jassen!