"Let's Discuss Death Over Some Tea and Cake" Says Church of England

By Jack Tomlin on at

They say there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. No one wants to talk about taxes so lets talk more about death – with a nice cup of tea and slice of cake. At least that's what the Church of England wants.

Reverend Dr Sandra Miller, member of the Archbishop's Council, has announced a project by which groups of people can get together who have questions about their mortality. Death Talk, as the sessions has been dubbed, would see the group conversations being held in a 'cafe-style' setting.

Millar said that the idea is about "being there for those who have questions about death", which is one of the "most fundamental things that the Church does".

The idea isn't a new one. Since 2012 non-religious Death Cafes have been held started by Jon Underwood and his mother Sue Barksy. They were inspired by the work of Bernard Crattaz who started similar events across France and Switzerland.

Can you stomach talking about the end of your days? Or would the lemon drizzle cake be the only palatable part of the agenda for you? If you did attended such an event would it be the religious or the secular variety? [BBC]