LG's SoundPlate Boasts Sexy Sound Served in an "Invisible" Box

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Well, almost invisible. Long gone are the days when getting a decent sound out of your skinny flatscreen TV required several hundred feet of surround sound cabling snaking around your room or a monstrous soundbar obscuring the bottom half of your screen. LG’s slick SoundPlate proves a good AV speaker should be heard and not seen.

A one-box 4.1-channel system, the SoundPlate is designed to sit under your telly, as opposed to in front of it or to the side of it. Just 3.5 centimetres high, its low profile and sleek curved edges disappear below your TV, letting the SoundPlate sit neatly next to the rest of your home cinema kit without distracting from the onscreen action of whichever Blu-ray boxset you’re currently binging on.

The SoundPlate could make even tosh like The Vampire Diaries sound good (alas, it can’t rewrite the scripts), but put it through its paces with a real monster like Pacific Rim and it’ll really sing. With 120W total power output, it’ll crank up to fill a room and match even the most ginormous wannabe-IMAX screens. A specially-tuned Cinema Mode, with its own dedicated remote control button, can be switched on in an instant too adding width and dynamism where flatscreen TVs alone are left sounding like a whistling kettle.

When the boxset binge is over, the SoundPlate transforms into a Bluetooth boombox, letting you and your mates wake the neighbours with tunes wirelessly beamed to the system and its beefy built-in dual-subwoofers. Just like in the video below. We’ll assume they all end up crying in it because the SoundPlate has moved them to tears -- not because the bald dressing gown bloke has started flashing again.