Locals Suggest £90k Anti-Flood Sausage Won't Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

This enormous thing has become known as the Chertsey Sausage, the media-friendly name for a temporary flood barrier the army and Environment Agency have stuck alongside roads in Surrey. Some like it, some try to climb it, some think it's a waste of time.

The Sausage is a 600m installation designed to protect a group of around 200 homes in the Surrey town, with the protective rubber pipe ironically filled with the same evil water that would ruin our carpets and floors and skirting boards given half a chance.

Apparently scientists are using a sort of tame water inside the pipe, a nicer type of water that is our friend, unlike the nasty wild stuff that's currently tearing up the UK. Here's the sausage on-site:

Dissent toward the sausage is coming from residents on the wet side of the pipe there, who claim their houses been written off and fear being stuck on the wrong side forever, their houses left to soak and rot and at risk of greater damage in the event of further floods, while their luckier neighbours get the joy of rubber sausage protection.

Local resident Jonny Ritchie certainly isn't a sausage-lover, saying: "It may look good on the news, but the sausage isn't doing anything."

And yes, someone's already pretending to be it on Twitter, charting the sausage's media mentions and the many photos people are taking of themselves straddling it. [Guardian]

Image credit: Twitter