London Buses to Go Cashless This Summer

By Gerald Lynch on at

Londoners will need to protect their Oyster Cards with their lives come the summer, as all buses are to go cashless.

Transport for London bosses say the move to a cashless, Oyster-only fleet will save £130 million, with cash fares already expected to make up less than 1 per cent of journey payments this year. That's down from 20 per cent 10 years ago.

The move was initially regarded with some skepticism, with vulnerable passengers and those in outer London (where Oyster credit top-up spots are less prevalent) expected to be affected detrimentally. However, following a public consultation of 37,000 respondents, TfL will be looking to add more ticket stops in suburban areas in time for the change. It will also introduce a "one more journey" allowance, allowing those that do not have enough money on their cards to pay for a journey still use a bus, putting them into negative credit and allowing them to pay for it once they reach a top-up station. [BBC]

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