Londoners Could Get Hydrated in Style if These Beautiful Water Fountains Ever Get Built

By Gerald Lynch on at

A bottle of water costs how much? Yep, too much. Which is why the capital could do with some more public water fountains. And if they looked as good as these designs, I may never drink anything but water ever again.

Some of the country's leading architects have been tasked by the Architect's Journal with developing ideas for aesthetically pleasing watering points for three spots in London: Exhibition Road, Soho and the South Bank. Forming an exhibition called "Kiosks" (looking at the 17th century definition of the term, when kiosks were water fountains provided by sultans to their subjects, not today's magazine and cigarette stands), it's hoped the designs will spark discussion on public facilities, and what a city should provide for its residents.

The British Building Centre will host the designs, with the exhibition running from February 21st through to March 14th, 2014. [The Building Centre via Design Boom]

Image - Studio Weave

Image - Eric Parry Architects

Image - ADAM Architecture

Image - AHMM

Image - Zaha Hadid

Main Image: Hopkins Architects