Londoners, Now's Your Chance to Moan About Your Journey in Today

By Kat Hannaford on at

With 23 per cent of our readers living in London, I'm guessing many of them struggled into work today thanks to Bob Crow's tube strike. Now, while there's nothing more dull than hearing of other people's three-hour travel attempts, there's admittedly nothing more satisfying than bitching about your own journey. So, air your grievances below, but warning! Be careful not to read anyone else's comment. (Unless the non-Londoners want a kick of schadenfreude with their morning coffee).

With the tube strike commencing at 9:30pm Tuesday night and expecting to last 48 hours, it'll be more untold hell tonight and tomorrow -- best of luck to the troopers out there. Arm yourselves with knowledge of which tube lines are actually working (and a good book -- you may be queuing for a bus for a good while), and maybe you'll get home in time for dinner by Friday night.

Image Credit: Wikimedia