London's Car-Nuking Deathray Skyscraper Getting Aluminium Fins to Absorb Sunlight

By Gary Cutlack on at

The unfortunate Walkie Scorchie, or the London tower with the ability to harness the Sun's power and melt parked cars on the street below, is set for a redesign. Its owners have applied for permission to install aluminium fins on it to dissipate the deadly heat-ray.

Owners Land Securities and Canary Wharf Group and their architects have asked the City for permission to install what arty types know as a brise-soleil, or a sort of framework cladding to sit atop the existing structure and introduce some streaks of shade into the reflection.

It'll be a rather large facelift for the new building too, with the structure set to mask the south side of the building between floors 3 to 34. It'll take six months to install once permissions's granted, so the temporary scaffolding at street level has to remain to protect the public this summer. [BBC]