London's Poo-nami: River of Filth Floods Clapham Roads

By Gerald Lynch on at

South London residents are in for a shitty start to the weekend, as a burst water main caused filthy water to flood out onto the streets, causing many to fear that sewage was also flowing.

The filthy water poured out onto Clapham Road between Stockwell and Oval tube stations last night, leading the area to be closed to both motorists and pedestrians at around 8pm. Water rose as high as 10 centimetres, with policeman on the scene claiming the water was "contaminated" and a "hazard to health", fuelling the speculation that sewage was involved.

While the claims that the water was laden with waste have yet to be confirmed by authorities, the flooding has now mostly dried up, leaving a silt-like, slimy layer covering the street, and a foul smell lingering according to local residents. [BBC]

Image Credit: @Please_fademe