Netflix Engineers Tease a Sleep-Tracking, iBeacon Video Sharing Future

By Gerald Lynch on at

Netflix's streaming offering is already technologically the best on offer in the UK, thanks to its adaptive video quality feature, well-designed apps and cross-device bookmarking. And things could get even better, if the latest prototypes from the company's internal Hack Day make it to the service.

First up is a straightforward way of sharing Netflix videos between two iOS devices. Using Apple's Bluetooth iBeacon feature, engineers put together a prototype of the iOS app that would allow a video to be pulled across from an iPhone and blown up onto an iPad's bigger screen just by bumping the two devices together.

Slightly more complex is a sleep tracking feature that, when paired with a Fitbit fitness band, would intelligently pause what you're watching once it realises you are asleep. Viewers could then jump back into a video at the approximate point that the app believes they drifted off at.

Pin-protected profiles and a text entry system that's more easily navigable with a gamepad were also demoed. As it stands, the demoed features are not slated for inclusion in any future Netflix update, but they're an interesting look at what the company is experimenting with. Check out the proof-of-concept demos below. [Engadget]