Nokia Store: The Forked-Android Portal that Nokia X Owners Will Get Their Apps From

By Gerald Lynch on at

Rather than going down the standard route of getting Google accreditation, for the Nokia X phone the Finnish smartphone company will offer Android apps through its own Nokia Store. It's taking a leaf out of Amazon's book then, which has taken a similar approach to Android apps with its Kindle devices.

A number of big name apps are ready and waiting to launch alongside the store. As for the overall number of apps headed to the store, Nokia are expecting hundreds of thousands at launch, including the likes of Facebook, Twitter, games like Jetpack Joyride and everyone's favourite keyboard app SwiftKey.

And don't expect it to come close to Google's 1,130,000+ apps available through the regular Android Google Play Store anytime soon. Any standard Android APK file can be sideloaded onto the new Nokia X handsets though.

For devs, there will be multiple payment options, including "Try and Buy" and "Operator Billing" -- each essential in emerging markets.