Oculus Rift Production Stops as Developer Rush Uses All Components

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the Oculus Rift VR headset has run into some trouble sourcing materials to build the developer hardware it's currently shipping, saying that the frenzy to pick up a dev unit means they've run out of (or can no longer buy) some critical components.

In a statement on its own Reddit hub, the Oculus creator said: "Certain components used in the Oculus Rift developer kit are no longer being manufactured, meaning they are no longer available to us for production. As a result, we don't have the necessary materials to produce additional kits."

There's still some stock left, but once that's gone there's likely to be a delay in restarting manufacturing of the headsets -- although conspiracy theorists believe this may all be a stunt to allow the headset maker to release an updated form of the devkit with a more formidable display.

Still, it sounds pretty positive for Oculus. If they can't make enough to satisfy developer demand, it would appear that the coders of the world are really getting down to work on creating the software that'll sell it to the masses when it launches for consumers. Unless, of course, it's just nerdy men with lots of money buying one for a laugh. [Reddit via Kotaku]