Only Four Per Cent of Devs Give a Crap About the Wii U According to GDC Poll

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Wii U just can't get a break at the moment. Not only is it struggling to keep the pace with sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, but now it can't even gain the attention of the very people who should be making games for it.

A poll conducted by the Games Developers Conference of 2,600 attendees found that just four per cent of them had games intended for a Wii U release waiting in the wings, with the same tiny percentage having Wii U games in production. The developer community isn't a huge one, so the poll suggests a significant chunk of games makers are giving Nintendo's console the cold-shoulder.

Mobile and PC platforms seem to be proving most popular with developers, with 52 per cent of those polled anticipating releasing their next game on those platforms. That's considerably more than those planned for the PS4 (20 per cent) and Xbox One (17 per cent), and is likely down to the ease with which developers can self-publish games on PC and mobile platforms. [TechRadar]