Outernet Satellite Network Promises "BitTorrent From Space" or Global Wi-Fi for Everyone

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Outernet concept promises to bring a one-way internet stream to the entire world, with a constellation of tiny cube satellites used to broadcast a handpicked collection of news, software and resources to anyone able to point their phones at the sky. It's Pages from Ceefax for the next generation.

Users will suggest material to make up the Outernet broadcasts, with current ideas being that it'll beam such nerd-friendly material as Bitcoin blockchains, Ubuntu builds, OpenStreetMap data, Wikipedia, educational material and the vague promise of "movies, music, games" via presumably legal methods to the world, with data streamed out on a continuous, non-interactive loop.

It would also work as an emergency communications system when cellular networks fail, plus the grand concept it its ability to bypass censorship in regimes where Wikipedia is considered dangerously empowering for the people. The idea, which uses UDP-based multicasting to stream, is to one day provide two-way connectivity, but that's but an even more distant dream for now. [Outernet via The Register]