Plastic Food Packaging Could be Poisoning Us, Warn Scientists

By Gary Cutlack on at

The acres of plastic that wraps our food stuff and stops it going limp could be causing long-term damage to our health, according to researchers, with nasty stuff -- including tiny does of formaldehyde -- leeching from packaging into the stuff we consume.

In the short term, there's no discernible danger, say the authors of the paper published in the British Medical Journal's epidemiology paper, although, over the course of many decades, the gradual leaking of stuff from plastic into our beans, broccoli and even the bottles of water everyone continually sips from may contribute small doses of toxins.

It's all a little vague, though, as very little solid research has been done into the decades of exposure we all face. The authors of the report suggest we ought to be worried, though, as chemicals like tributyltin, triclosan and phthalates could eventually impact on human hormone production. And formaldehyde causes cancer. So good luck on trying to avoid plastic. [Guardian]

Image credit: Plastic wrapped food from Shutterstock