Poor Taste LG Promo Says Mobiles Cause Brain Tumours, Infertility and Cataracts

By Gary Cutlack on at

LG has blamed "cultural differences" for the lack of riotous laughter regarding its promotional stickers for the Knock Code system, claiming the light-hearted references to phone radiation causing brain tumours were just a... joke. Oh, we get it now! Ha ha! Cancer!

The hardware maker was handing out the gold stickers at Mobile World Congress, stickers that it claims are seen as a sort of good luck charm by mobile users in Korea. Problem is, the poorly translated accompanying text makes it sound like mobiles are 100 per cent confirmed health hazards.

Here's part of the LG-branded health claims. Note a distinct lack of exclamation marks or emoticons to signify any humourous intent:


Not the cleverest thing to stick your logo on and hand out at a mobile phone event. [The Register]

Image credit: Brain scan from Shutterstock