RoboCop Fans Crowdsource an Insane Remake of the Entire 1987 Movie

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's a big-budget Hollywood reboot of 1987's classic action flick RoboCop opening in cinemas this weekend. And while I'm not wholly convinced it can live up to the original, this mad-cap fan-filmed remake totally can.

Coming in at a full 1 hour and 48 minutes long, it's been put together by fifty amateur filmmakers from across the US. To achieve the mammoth task of recreating the cult classic with only a minimal budget, the movie was chopped into 60 individual chunks, with the crowdsourced crew each approaching their given scenes any way they saw fit. The final result is like a patchwork quilt of gore, dodgy props and insane visual effects. I can't think of a more fitting tribute. [OurRobocopRemake]

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